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"Project Gamma Ray"

Sculpture Model by Josh Knoblick

If you're a fan of the original Twilight Zone series, you'll enjoy this dramatic and mysterious sci-fi thriller. Very Voluptuous Scream queens Zoe Hunter and Rebecca Anderson star as two intelligent women who encounter danger and suspense in a remote wilderness. Zoe portrays Dr. Alison Palmer, a brilliant scientist who invents a device that can instantly transport people to any location on Earth. Rebecca portrays a helpful Air Force Colonel who supports Alison's research. But what happens when this Top Secret device gets into the wrong hands? Alison and the Colonel embark on a frightening adventure as they confront a hostile environment and a dangerous criminal. Also starring Stewart Mead and Garrison Chance.

USA $20.00


(Operation Storm) Project Gamma and Crooked Politics. Buy all Three for $40.00 here


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