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News 11/15
Siren Tales popular web series "The Gift" now has 3 segments available for download. If you still prefer Dvd's we also have all three segments on one dvd available.

News 4/15

May 27th, 8:15 Showing. Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue New York, NY. $6.00 ticket.

News 8/14

TRAKKED is completed and our Promo, film fest and distribution options are now in the works. A slower process then usual but the bar has been raised immensely. Official Trailer posted shortly. The Gift II, will be released by the end of this month as a download to this web series. We thank all of the fans and contributors to this genre and hope to have continued success with this series.

News 11/13

TRAKKED Principal photography is finally about at a completion and in Post. Much time has been put into this production and it is Siren Tales Dream project to date. The cast was carefully selected for every role and we were fortunate enough to get established wonderful actors for every part on hand. Now the exciting part, putting it all together. Please follow our FB page link below for this exclusive production to keep up with more details, photo's and info from the film. That page will continue to be updated.

News 11/12

"TRAKKED" principal photography has begun. We are in collaboration with Villanovision Films producing our largest budget and quality film to date. Please like our FB page.

Killer Wolf Films "Skull Forest" Premiered and soon to be distributed.

News 9/11

View "Super Rogue" 4 min short of what you could do with your own story or idea. See "Custom Movie Page"

News 6/11
KillerWolf Films feature WARRIORS OF THE APOCALYPSE starring Pamela Sutch, Darian Caine, Amara Arielle Offhaus, Brian Heffron, Debbie D Destiny Tvm, Renee Porada, and Brian Anthony Fabian will have its official DVD release date Tuesday August 9, 2011. More details to follow...

News 5/10

Siren Tales is in the finishing stages of completing the script of a new feature length film. (Not yet named) We will shortly begin the process of procurring backing. This will be our largest production to date.

News 9/09

"Genetics" had been accepted at the Directors Chair Arts Expo 2009 Film Fest in Staten Island October 12th-18th and will also be aired NY area Television.

News of 8/08

See Trailer of "Warriors of the Apocalypse"

Production for Killer Wolf Films "Warriors of the Apocalypse" is near complete and now moving into post. I had a great time Acting in this movie and am proud to be in it. It was definitely a workout...long hours and extreme fight scenes. I will once again perform along side Darian Caine, Brian (Blue Meanie) Heffron as well as Renee Porado, Brian Anthony, Debbie D and New comer Amara Arielle. + Many others

News of 5/08

Pamela Sutch has committed to star in Killer Wolf Films new movie in production this summer, "Warriors of the Apocalypse". She will perform along side (once again) Darian Caine and Brian Heffron (Blue Meanie).

News of 1/08

Genetics is now released! For those of you that love movies with the Tranformation theme, our entire collection is now available for sale.

News of 12/07

Genetics is expecting a January, 2008 Release.

Killer Wolf Films "Curse of the Wolf" is Released now thru Brain Damage with world wide distribution.

News of 8/10/07

Most of production has been completed for "Genetics" and we have begun Post! Take a look at the just uploaded photos and info. Drop me a line if you have interest in this Body Swap flick. This movie accompanied with "The Cartel" will give Siren Tales a complete Series of Transformation movies. You like them so we make them!!

News of 6/07

Production has begun on the tweener "Genetics",

where a not so poised overweight somewhat alcohol dependant sloppy lonely women wakes up in the Body of a Beautiful high maintenance rich chick.

This will accompany

"The Cartel" which has finished production.


This is the final Box art for the Killer Wolf Film "Swamp Zombies" and "Curse of the Wolf" Distributed thru Brain Damage Films 2006-2007


News of 1/07

Leigh Jacobs has given her first interview with Pollystaffle. She describes what it was like to portray a man inside a womans body.

CURSE OF THE WOLF, a Killer Wolf Production starring Darian Caine, Blue Meanie, Lanny Poffo, Pamela Sutch and Leon South won "Best Horror Feature" at this year's Great Lakes Film Festival as well as played in front of a capacity crowd at the Roadhouse Theatre in Erie,PA.

News of 8/01/06
"Swamp Zombies" is for sale "ONLY" on this site until its distribution. May only be for a limited time, so get your copy now. Stars include pro-wrestlers Brian "Blue Meanie" Heffron, Jasmin St Claire, Dan Severn, Pamela Sutch and Leonard Kabasinski.......+ many more!!


News of 7/30/06

TRANSFORMED TRAILER can now be seen here and on Main page.

Siren Tales is to begin production on a new Sci-fi movie involving a Gentetically Enhanced Woman with Super Strength. Character will also morph into different forms.

News as of 6/2/06

Crooked Politics is Now RELEASED! Check for the package discount deals on John Bradley pages.

Also Killerwolf Films began shooting "Curse of the Wolf" Pamela Sutch will star in this action/horror Feature along with others including Darian Caine. Look for Killer Wolf film "Swamp Zombies" is stores soon!

Don't forget to visit the Promo Page to read the recent "Transformed" Reviews!

News as of 4/27/06

Crooked Politics is the third of the John Bradley Series to be released. Remember Dawn Murphy?

Dawn Stars in this Tweener (45min) and is as Sexy as Ever. She has always had a reputation as a good actress and you can see her shine once again. A talent One Step Above the rest.

This movie also has Leonard Kabasinski Director of Swamp Zombies from Killer Wolf Films. (Jasmin St. Claire, Blue Meanie-Brian Heffron, Pamela Sutch, and Dan Severn. --Will be on store shelves soon released by Brain Damage) Len stars in Crooked Politics opposite the leading lady.

Len is now working on a New Killer Wolf production Called "Curse of the Wolf".

Crooked Politics also stars Matthew Jacobs and Roddy Murphy, both featured in "Transformed"

News as of 2/10/06

"Transformed" is Released!! Yeaaaa!

We are very excited here at Siren Tales and proud of all the work we put into this production!


Check out some new Photos Posted....

"Project Gamma Ray" Is now RELEASED
"Operation Storm Cloud" NOWreleased, is the 2nd movie to a Compilation of 3, All Written by John Bradley.....

All John Bradley movies have the same theme characteristics which include Strong Intelligent women who end up in vulnerable situations. All are action, suspense drama's peppered with great stories and dialogue! Top of the line Damsel in Distress tales!!

Contains: Vine attacks, sci-fi Effects, scantily clad Strong women, Martial Arts, Great Acting and editing!!


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