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"Kidnapped & Chloroformed"

The Best in Classic indie low budget Horror NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD

Starring: Pamela Sutch, Debbie D, Elizabeth Raven Stephen McKay and Vincent Sanchez

Siren Tales First Production is a follow up of the original Kidnapped and Chloroformed movie available at W.A.V.E. Productions. Pam once again finds herself bound, gagged and chloroformed. But, there's  a lot more to the kidnapping than meets the eye! Also starring Debbie D, Elizabeth Raven, Stephen McKay and Vincent Sanchez. This tape contains chloroforming, binding and gagging, strangulation, topless nudity, repetitive cursing and phrases, dragging, carrying, bad acting, good acting and blood and gore! (55 min.) (violence, topless nudity, chloroforming, carrying, bondage)  

DVD-R USA $20.00
DVD-R International $20.00

**note for International Sales: DVD's are NTSC Format (BUT DVD'S PLAY ON MANY PAL DVD PLAYERS) **

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