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Written and Directed by Pamela Sutch

Assistant Directed/Camera and Directors of Lighting

Justin Buell Smith
Antonio Gamboa

All Music by

Female to Female Body Swap Flick

Two women suffering from the pitfalls of what they think life dealt them, find themselves in the Bodies of each other. Along the way, both women face circumstances and come to the realization of their own individual internal flaws. Will they fall deeper into chaos of the conditions that meet them? Or will they have the strength to succeed the quests that each of them face?

This movie is part of a 2 movie compilation disk packaged with Cartel.
Equivalent to an R Rating

Dealing with issues

Just a bad night

DVD-R ..USA---$20.00
DVD-R ..International $20.00


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USA $45.00


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What Happened to Me?


Molly Fahey

Pamela Sutch

Raymond Collaro

John Caponigro

Lauren Michaels

John chin-lin Chang

Antonio Gamboa

Justin Buell Smith

Joe LaPenna

Jorge JeYklE


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