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"Custom Video Movies"

Siren Tales will Produce, Shoot, and Edit your very own Custom Video in a Movie Style Format. This is a great Opportunity for script writers to see their work on screen at an affordable price. Your script or story outline can be brought to life using Professional Level equipment including the latest in technology. We shoot with 3 Chip Broadcast Quality Hi-Def Camera's and Edit with a full Non-Linear Suite which includes Special Effects, Transitions, Titles and More to give your production the look and same quality as many Hollywood Movies today. Siren Tales will Create Movies in various styles including Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Action, Damsels in Distress, Sci-fi, Martial Arts

"Super Rogue"
Sample Short

Some special effects we are capable of

Electric and lightning bolts
People Disappearing
Many Clones of a particular Character (example; on a field)
Lazer gun shooting
Blue Screen composition work
An attack by something long and slinky
Levitating objects or people

Our Staff of trained Martial artists are also available.

Video Costs range depending on the extensiveness of your script and the # of people involved. Special Effects, Props, Elaborate Costuming will all add to the cost. Once edited, you will receive 3 copies of the completed DVD. Menus, Chapters and full glossy box cover will be included with all projects the end up for sale on the Siren Tales website. Music and Credits are included in every production whether released or not.

Siren Tales (at it's own discretion) will have full rights to the sale of the production. If this is not satisfactory with the writer/buyer negotiations may be made but production value will cost about double.

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